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I'm Fernando,
a full-stack developer!

My new website

If you read this quickly after publication, the chance is high you are on my newly build website. There are multiple techniques used on this website to archive my goals. Doing this mix with a static website vs easy to add content was quite the technical challenge, but looking at this website shows I succeeded in my goals.

  • Static HTML pages
  • Minimal javascript
  • Automatic compiling of markdown posts
  • Dark/white theme support based on the browser, with user override
  • Quick load times
  • Contribution graph like github

Blog post supporting markdown

This blog post support italic and bold text, because of the markdown engine on the background.

We can also embed image into the markdown files, as shown below:

An photo of a standard television test screen

Code blocks are highlighted: (And it works with dark/light mode without any javascript that is reran)

export default function assertNever(input: never): never {
    throw new Error('Expected never, got: ' + JSON.stringify(input));