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I'm Fernando,
a full-stack developer!

The resulting breakout gameThe resulting breakout game

Creating a breakout game again

Creating small Javascript games is a great way to learn coding. So I make another breakout game. This time I used Ecmascript Modules and classes.

The core design of this breakout is an event bus architecture. Every entity can throw an event, which affects the game in a certain way.For example, the score reducer listens to the brick destroyed event to handle updating the score. The powerup entity watches for collision with the paddle, and throws an activated event, which other entities on the page catch.

Another special feature is the mouse capture. During the game, the mouse is captured, so it does not go of the screen vertically. It also updates the mouse cursor depending what kind of element the user hovers the mouse on.

When the game loads for the first time, it makes api requests to load all the used images. This could be optimized in the future with an image grid, but it hasn’t been done here.