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I'm Fernando,
a full-stack developer!

My website

I am Fernando, a Full Stack developer, with passions in embedded system and 3D printing. Creating blog posts is a great way for me to share content I really like, so I started blogging. I hope you enjoy my content!


One issue I encountered while using Arch Linux is that after some recent upgrade, the system would freeze if it went into sleep mode, which was quite annoying as it would result in the loss of all your work. With some detective work, I looked into the logs from the previous boot to see what was happening:

Curl support creations of a header file when making requests, this is quite useful for shell scripting, as some services provide metadata only via the headers. An exampe of this is the GitHub API, which provides the rate limit and pagination information in the headers. To create a header file, you can use the -D flag, which will write the headers to a file. An example of this is:

One of the underused HTML elements is the <details> element. For the uses cases this tag gives you, it is not used enough on websites. Lets explore its uses together. This tag is used to make an expanding/collapsing detail/summary view. The browser then adds interaction to the element, allowing the user to open/close the element itself. Lets take a look at a basic example:

When you start with React, it is common that you just start a project with the CRA tool. While this quickly makes a project, it also does lots of magic in the background to make it work. For learning purposes, it can be better to write your own configuration to build a react application.

If you read this quickly after publication, the chance is high you are on my newly build website. There are multiple techniques used on this website to archive my goals. Doing this mix with a static website vs easy to add content was quite the technical challenge, but looking at this website shows I succeeded in my goals.

In 2021, I was playing around with the online TypeScript sandbox, when I discovered a weird issue. When trying to write XML to the terminal, it instead of showing me the string representation, it was actually executing it. While it makes sense for a code sandbox to execute the code you input, it is important it stays within the sandbox, as the sandbox has the proper restrictions put on the…

One important thing when playing around with an 3d printer is having a test pattern, which is useful to test if your printer is working. You want a pattern that is quick to print, and interesting to show of to others.

Creating small Javascript games is a great way to learn coding. So I make another breakout game. This time I used Ecmascript Modules and classes. The core design of this breakout is an event bus architecture. Every entity can throw an event, which affects the game in a certain way.For example, the score reducer listens to the brick destroyed event to handle updating the score. The powerup entity…

When working with GitHub, you have the advantage that everything is stored in the cloud. While this is fine for most people, it can be useful to make a local backup in the case you expect to have no internet for a certain period of time, like a vacation.

Creating small Javascript games is a great way to learn coding. As part of learning, I developed a breakout game. This game features a level selection screen, which generates levels based on some math. This game used the module pattern to connect all the components together.